Data Loss Weekend

My SD card on my phone was full, so Friday i got a 64 Gigger to replace my 32 gigger. I transferred all the data from the 32 to my ‘ol windows computer, put in the 64, and copied it all over to the new. When I got done, there was nothing on the new card. And nothing enywhere else, all my music and pictures were gone.

Crap like that only happens to me. I KNEW I should have used the android to move the files instead of windows, I thought windows would be safer, having more storage space.

I have all the music backed up, but the camera pics on my phone were not backed up, and lost.

Here it is very cold and windy. 7-9 foot waves on the north, no swim today. It should settle down in a few days.

And that’s about it, another Monday. NFL wildcard games were this weekend, don’t really care anymore.

Have a great week!!!

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