I’m at work on a Monday. I am tired and would rather be home or at the beach or diving. I just remembered when I got here this morning that I have to go to Cayman Brac this Wednesday. That means no diving Tuesday and Wednesday. That sucks because I had dives planned for both days.

Does anyone have any cheese to go with my whine?

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  1. I’ve got American and Haverty Dill — take your pic for what will go best with your whine/wine.. 🙂 BTW, what is Cayman Brac? and is your friend still there that you go deep diving with?Hope your day gets better….

  2. I feel better after a 220 foot dive during lunch!!It does look like Matzoh back there, I never noticed till you said something. The Cayman Islands is 3 islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. I have to go to the other island for work Wednesday, that means no diving Tuesday.

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