Damn The Redskins Coach!

NFL Odds Divisional Playoff Games - NFL Football Odds NFL Odds Wild Card Playoff GamesRedskins lost. The quarterback Robert Griffin III got re-injured (in the first quarter? or second?) and the coach kept him in till he collapsed in the fourth quarter. You can say it’s not just the coaches fault, RG3 apparently wanted to stay in. But when you boil it down, it IS all the coaches fault.

I think that Kirk Cousins is an excellent quarterback, and if he was put in, (at the very latest the start of the second half) the Skins would have easily won.

I am so upset. The Redskins never get beat, they always beat themselves.

Here’s this weekends results and my next weekends hopes. Vegas got it 100% last week.

2 thoughts on “Damn The Redskins Coach!

  1. Completely agree that Shanahan should have pulled RGIII after the first half, at the latest. It was obvious that RGIII wasn’t on his game tonight. The ‘skins need to be more concerned with keeping their talent healthy and out of harm’s way. RGIII will be back for many years to come. If he stays healthy.

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