Culinary Disaster

Last night I attempted to make stir fry, what I got was more like a hot salad.
I bought this bag of stuff that said “Stir Fry”, I thought it would be easy and I’d get some vegatables in my diet too. But when I started cooking I realized I didn’t have everything I needed. One thing missing was a half a tablespoon of oyster sauce. What the heck is that? Another was half a teaspoon of corn starch in three teaspoons of water. Also I didn’t have the can of vegetable broth. So I just dumped what I had (the contents of the bag), and a piece of chicken in the (who needs a wok?) frying pan. To make up for the missing stuff, I dumped in a bunch of soy sauce.
I felt like a cow eating grass. The chicken part was good though.
When I came back in from walking the dog this morning, I noticed the place still smells like burnt cabbage.

Today is my first regular day back at work. I am NOT excited. Mostly I am looking forward to lunch hour. And it will be interesting to see who comes up with what kind of amazing bullshit.

0 thoughts on “Culinary Disaster

  1. Yikes! Sounds borderline painful…Just a tip–bring the recipe to the store with you. It’s like a ready made grocery list. ; )Something about “amazing bullshit” made me crack up…

  2. Burnt cabbage – hm sounds like southern cooking and just makes me hungry. 🙂 Whats the little wheelchair by word verification? Is there a handicap version?

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