Cruel Bastard

Dear Readers
I decided to quit feeding the chickens. First there was just Pearl, then she had chicks and then there was her plus three.


Now she’s coming around with 11 chickies she expects me to feed. That brings the  total to 15. Plus any minute the first three are going to start laying eggs and bringing there broods around too.


So call me cruel, call me heartless, but we can’t keep giving them cat food. It’s the start of a never ending process.
Sincerely yours,
Cruel Bastard

6 thoughts on “Cruel Bastard

    • 1) There’s your calling Mark! Chicken Run! The island could use a chicken or egg laying farm….Think of the $$ you could make!
      2) Chickens breed like #$%)#%)#% living here so there could potentially be a lot here. I suggest buying cracked corn by the 50# bag 🙂 Best of Luck, Chicken George! I mean, Mark!

  1. Hi Cruel Bastard! I agree though, you can’t keep feeding the never ending procession and their progeny. In fact, you could be eating them yourself!
    Well… maybe not.

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