Crazy? Stupid? Or Just Me?

I’m looking for a safe to keep the passports in. (We never have money) Most of the ones I see have a digital keypad with the battery compartment on the inside of the door. I asked the salesguy, “What happens if the batteries die when it’s locked?” Then he said in an overly animated, cheery voice: “Then you use the key!” I asked why would I need the combination when I have the key? He started mumbling incoherently.

Is it just me? Doesn’t the key defeat the purpose of the combination? And vice versa.

Why put the batteries on the inside, so that if (when) they die you can’t open the safe to change them.

It’s like stupid on top of stupid.

Am I going crazy? Most of the safes are like this. Battery inside, key and combo.

The wife said we’d like to have a little bistro table and chairs for the front porch. Coincidentially, I saw the perfect thing when I was looking for safes. So I went back and picked it up. Along with a stupid safe. The table looks nice and cozy sitting there and it’s really nice. The safe, well, let me put it this way, I’m not buying batteries, it’s now a fancy strongbox.

Have a great day.

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