Cranky Don’t Care

I’ve been reading the news, trying to come up with something to post.

Ernest Borgnine died. That’s a bummer.I didn’t know he was still alive. We need to know who’s still alive, not who’s dead.

My Grandfather was 22 when Ernest Borgnine was born. I enjoyed every minute he was on camera. Ernest was in the US Navy-twice.


NASA released a panorama image (or video?) from the Mars Rover. Very disappointing because although the news articles tell you about it, none of them seem to actually show the video/image whatever it is. There is a little crappy video with most articles, crappy video not worth an article.

Last night I woke up every 15 minutes or so all night, with deep sleep in between. Like I wake up thinking it’s morning and it’s still 11:45, then 12:02, then 12:20, all night long.

I guess I’m in a crappy mood, judging from this post. Oh well. Don’t Care!

2 thoughts on “Cranky Don’t Care

  1. How sad!! I always loved the movies he was in, because you knew they were going to be funny for the most part.!! Our old movie Icons are slowly dying off – how sad, And the new actors all have so many issues, it’s no longer fun….

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