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I saw this on Facebook last night and laughed out loud. Seriously, how often, when you’re alone, or in public, do you actually laugh out loud? People type “LOL” all the time, but people seldom do it. I read once that readers preferred to read “Ha Ha” over “LOL”

I guess nobody liked my Friday Porno post. Probably because of the word “porno” in the title. My readers are pretty much a “G” rated bunch. (that rhymes)

It was a nice weekend, I mowed the yard and went to the beach. I also modified my espresso spoon. I ordered one of these on Amazon.

but it was too short, so I sawed it in half, put a dowel in the middle, with epoxy and four nuts and bolts, wood stained it, and now it looks like this:

I really like it. It now reaches to the bottom of my coffee container, and makes your coffee taste better.

It’s a beautiful morning, but the weatherman says 85% chance of rain. In fact, he says rain all week. So I won’t be riding the scooter today.

It was super hard to wake up this morning, the past several days, I’ve been waking up at 4:30, before the alarm, and getting up, and enjoying the mornings. Not today! I feel good though.

Have a wonderful day, and a great week!

10 thoughts on “Cracked Me Up

    • I’m very happy with it. It’s nice and butt-heavy too, stands on-end really nice. Thinking about re-sanding a little spot and re-staining it, but I’ll probably just leave it.

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