Covid in Cayman

Covid is here in Cayman. A friend of mine has it, many people I know have quarantined because someone they know having it. We are supposed to open our borders this November and I think we’re gonna do it come hell or high water. Get used to covid. Just like fender benders and zits. It’s here forever.

And I’m glad! I’ll be glad when I can travel and come back without quarantine.

Below is a picture of my cat, Knip, (the K is not silent) that I took yesterday sitting on the front of my van. He was on the roof and jumped down when I got in, then he jumped off when I started the engine.

The week is almost finished. Hang in there! I’m pretty sure you’ll make it!


2 thoughts on “Covid in Cayman

  1. What a rascal KAnip must be!
    Unfortunately the Covid crap is something that isn’t going away … apparently. Not sure when I’ll fly again though, not cooped up, like planes are, with at least half the peeps (probably) unvaccinated. idk.

  2. Looks like the cat can’t believe you’re in the vehicle. You disturbed him. 🙂 Covid numbers are rising here once again. Lots of antivax are in the hospital. We still mask up and it does feel normal.

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