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I was at the beach and this dude comes cruising up on a cool looking kayak. He had fishin rods and a GPS on board. Not sure what the Cayman Law is on fishing, I didn’t think I was allowed to fish with a pole on a boat, in fact, I’ve had Department Of Environment approach me while I was on my kayak to make sure I wasn’t fishing. Nonetheless, it’s a cool looking kayak. Not as cool as mine, but…Mar 01, 2013 000 Mar 01, 2013 001 Mar 01, 2013 002

11 thoughts on “Cool Kayak

  1. Maybe he was using the fishing poles as a tail on the back to keep his kayak balanced? Okay, so really, I am trying to wrap my brain around that law that you can’t use a fishing pole from your boat?! What do they want you to use? Your hands, maybe? Honestly, am I missing something? Are these enough questions to keep you busy on your blog? No really, honest question…no fishing pole on your boat for fishing?

  2. Totally cool kayak! I have always wanted one to fish off… but now .. not so much.
    We have great white sharks in our waters now, one killed a man last week. I ain’t going in the water for a very long time!

  3. No kayak fishing? This is an increasingly-popular sport in New England–my husband goes out ever day in the summer. He even empties his lobster traps from his kayak (which looks ridiculous)–and there is a big kayak fishing tournament here in Salem every August.

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