Computer Died

Yesterday I replaced the hard drive on my computer, installed the OS and had it going, looking good.
This morning I started ‘er up to post my post and the display went dead. Seems to be fukt.
But I’m not going to mess with it now.
I’ve needed a new laptop for a long time, so has The Wife.
Looks like we might get some rain today.



11 thoughts on “Computer Died

  1. I tell you the computer sickies is catching. Mine is in its death throws and I have to nip round the corner and use my sisters’ Mac. I will be shopping for a new one at the weekend. Hope you get what you want. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I am up to my ass in wires..I bought a wireless router and it works cause my grandson’s phone would work with it, but the lap top won’t..we’ve tried everything..I’m going to call AT&T..

  3. I bought a new laptop about three weeks ago. First I got a Gateway and ended up having to take it back because it wouldn’t hold the wireless signal for longer than two minutes. So ultimately I went with a Dell and so far am loving it. Its my second Dell. I just can’t stand windows 8!

  4. Sorry about your computer. But then again it’s always nice to shop for a new one. Fingers crossed, both my laptop and PC are OK.

    After enjoying what we thought was Spring and then going into the 70’s and 80’s we are now back to dreadful colder weather. It was 50 today but the wind makes it seem so much colder. Brrrrrr…

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