Yesterday morning, the weatherman was all smiles, talking about how warm it was going to be. It was the coldest day yet. Not necessarily temperature-wise, but it felt like it. I went out and bought long underwear and put it on in the store. Mine are black, like these.


I’ve been freezing ever since I got  here. It seems colder and colder the longer I stay. I need some hot sun.

I have to do laundry…. again. Tomorrow is the equinox, the days will be longer than the nights starting tomorrow. Thank God.

4 thoughts on “Cold

  1. I hope you can survive until you get home and warm again! I’m pulling for you! 🙂 We’ve been chopping wood and stacking it. It keeps us warm during the day while chopping and stacking and warm in the evening when we burn it. I guess it would be easier to buy long underwear! 😉

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