Coconut Water

Everyone on Earth should experience the satisfaction of drinking coconut water from a tree that they grew from the seed.

Yup, I grew the tree that bore these coconuts from the seed. And I planted it in my yard when we moved in.

100% cat inspected and approved!

Super sweet! Good and good for you! The tree seems to bear constantly. So many nuts that I asked if the coconuts could pull the tree down. (I got laughed at or asking that) There’s still two bunches like the one above on the tree! You’re invited to come have a glass! C’mon down! (or up, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!) I took these pictures last Sunday.

Cloudy, thundery water drops blowin’ in the breeze today. Yesterdays weather report said sunny today and for the rest of the week. Liars! I DID have a good beach lunch/swim yesterday, but no run/swim this morning.

Aaannnd I rekkon that’ll doer for today, havva goodun! (I seem to have developed a southern accent.)

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