My alarm goes off every day at 5:00AM. On a good day, I wake up at 4:35 and say “yes! I can sleep a little more!” and snooze till 5 then pop tall, shave, make coffee and shower (in that order) then get dressed and take my coffee for a walk, with my dog. I mean, I take my dog for a walk, with my coffee.

This morning there was a lot of thunder and lightning coming from two cloudbanks separated by a swath of pre-sunrise blue sky. The bottom of one was a peculiar orange and the bottom of the other was red red. I got the impression they were communicating. first one would thunder and flash lightning, then the other would reply. Back and forth. Although the orange one was more scary looking than the red one, I got the feeling he was the good guy. Yes, now that I think about it, I am sure they were arguing about something. My dog didn’t want to stay outside, which is most unusual, I guess he’s scared of the cloudbattle.

Also, I got an interesting email this morning. An invitation from a spammer to beceome a spammer too! Isn’t that nice? Do they think I always wanted to be a spammer? Would you like to be a spammer too? Just answer this ad! I wonder how much spam that’d getcha!
(not a link, but you can click to view image exactly the same size as it is here, on a page all by itself)

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  1. Oh my, I’ve just noticed the time you posted this – you’re serious…you get up at 5AM?! Every day?! Out of choice?! LOL, I take it you’re a morning person!!

  2. Hah – spam. The only spam I like is in a can, and even then it makes me shudder. I love walking on the beach with morning coffee. Especially before the rest of the world is awake. It’s a special feeling that’s for sure. I think I miss the beach. Drat! I don’t miss it bad enough to want to go back to Maryland though.

  3. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning…. Loved the zackleys joke… BTDT!! Miss Cayman… my favorite jewelery store is in Georgetown… -sigh- long time, no go Cay-mahn…

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