Cleanup Progress

It’s Tuesday now, thankfully. I ran out of paint yesterday and went to get more, but all the stores were closed because of the Queen’s birthday. So instead I cleaned the second half of the pantry downstairs. I removed the chest type freezer, and all the shelves and cleaned the floor underneath. It came out good. The house is getting pretty clean.

I have been cleaning common areas and areas that I didn’t pay much attention to, areas that I considered the wife’s domain, but my areas are still pretty messy. Is my desk and my workroom especially. Today, (along with paint,) I’m buying more storage boxes. And I’m throwing a lot of stuff away.

Sunday night I went to a pizza party on the beach that happens every Sunday. I got there when they were closing but it is something worth checking out in the future. Something to add to my weekly ‘movie night on the beach’ routine.

I’ve been using voice-to-text more and more often. It seems to work pretty well.

Have a good day!

1 thought on “Cleanup Progress

  1. Cleaning always makes me feel good. I do it in segments as necessary, of course. 😉 I’m usually too busy with other things to do it very often. Be careful with voice to text! I’ve written some things I really didn’t say. That sweet lady inside my phone just didn’t hear exactly what I said. Ha! Also, be sure you text/write to whom you think you’re writing. When I tell my phone to text my hubby, the sweet lady inside my phone sometimes hears the name of my lawyer. Hmmm. That could be interesting….

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