Clean Your Screen

Last night, almost bedtime, I cleaned the screen of my tablet. This morning, the improvement is shocking. I mean, I must have had an inch or two of fingerprint grease all over my screen. You could see my “connect the dots” security code easily entrenched on the screen. Green moss was getting ready to start growing in the corners.

It’s so clean now! Mustn’t touch it! In five minutes it will be filthy again.

I wanna start riding my bike to work. I’m working on the logistics. Yesterday, I fixed this air pump holder that goes under the water bottle holder. The pump kept falling out. I fixed it by bending the plastic with a hot air gun. I need to come up with a way to carry clothes to work, as well as a shower at work too. Work has a hose outside, and I need to create a shower stall. There’s bushes and a huge air conditioner unit right there, so I think it’s doable.

Have a GREAT day!

4 thoughts on “Clean Your Screen

  1. You have a tool that I’ve never had the occasion to buy. A hot air gun. I’m guessing I’m going to have to buy one to keep up with the Joneses.

  2. I sometimes get the same excitement when I clean my glasses. I get so busy I don’t even think about it until I find myself squinting through the smudges. 😉

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