Chilean Miners Trapped since Aug 5

I think about this every day.

Imagine what it would be like.

Right now there are two drills trying to reach the miners, Called Plan A and Plan B. The plan B drill already reached them, with a 12 inch hole. This needs to be widened to at least 28 inches to get the miners out.

Both these drills can drill about 30 to 40 meters a day. The miners are trapped at about 630 meters, over 2000 feet.

Now, they’ve started drilling with a drill used for oil well drilling, which surprisingly, they’ve named Plan C. This drill could drill 1000 meters a day, but the problem with this drill is accuracy, it’s a lot easier to hit a giant pocket of oil than it is to hit a 4 meter wide mine shaft. And the material in Chile is harder to drill though.

The Plan C Drill
It will be a great day when they bring those miners out alive and OK. Hope nothing goes wrong.
The 33 Trapped Miners

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  1. No. I caan't imagine being down there. I would probably freak out. It must be hard for them to be down there knowing it will be such a long time before they get out. At least they have food, water, and air now. Some of the guys look so young. …debbie

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