Chicken Little (the sky is falling?)

What’s wrong with the sky in this picture? Something seems to be wrong with the clouds!
Yesterday after work I went snorkeling. I took this pic from about 14 feet underwater looking up. I could see the half moon, and was trying to take a pic of the moon from underwater, but you can’t seem to see it in any pictures I took.
This is looking back at the shore from about where I was snorkeling when I took the sky pics. It was pretty calm.

I’m awake and was trying to study, but my brain isn’t functioning too well this morning. Yesterday I took a test and got only one wrong. I got it wrong because I was thinking 3/8ths was less than 1/4, not more.

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  1. I’d like to try snorkeling again someday… the last opporuntity I had was on my honeymoon (14 years ago) and I couldn’t get my husband to go into water more than chest-deep. Some nonsense about him not being able to swim. Or course where I live now, there’s not much chance I’ll be snorkeling anytime soon.

  2. Congrats on your brilliant test taking skills! I wish I had them!I wish I had been snorkeling yesterday! I was bundled up in a giant jacket and sweater… I really have got to move…

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