Chicken Cats

Cats that are chicken – of chickens!

Woke up this morning, and all the cats and all the chickens were waiting outside the door for their breakfast. In the afternoons, I have to guard the cats whenI feed them, because the chickens steal their food. Normally, in the winters, it’s still dark when I feed the cats, and the chickens aren’t up yet, so the cat’s can eat in peace. This year, the chickens are up and aware that they can steal some cat food. SO I have to guard the sissy cats, now morning and afternoon.

Just now a bunch of loudmouth Ching-Chings came to the birdbath, dipping their food to soften it up. Then I noticed it was cat food they were dipping! What the heck! We’re supporting the whole ecosystem.

I have to get up earlier in the summers, I guess, so I can feed the cats in the dark. And feed them later too, when all the chickens have gone to bed.

And it’s Monday.

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