Cereal, The Perfect Food

I love cereal, any time of day. My favorite is Fiber One Rasin Bran Clusters. With Very Vanilla soymilk



Cereal and milk is the perfect food because  It tastes good, it’s good for you, it”s easy to prepare. no cooking, doesn’t get too many dishes dirty. And you don’t have to get anything to drink while you’re eating it, because of the milk. So it makes a very efficent meal. I’m sure there’s a lot more reasons why cereal is the perfect meal, can you think of any?

I think I’ll go get a bowl right now! I’ve talked myself into it!

Here  it is very cold and windy. By cold, I mean low 70’s. I took the car yesterday becaause of the cold and I’ll probably take it again today.

My Fitbit that I talked about yesterday seems to be a dud. The battery only lasts about 8 hours. I have to review their warranty options online today.

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