Cayman Islands taken over by pirates! Governor Captured!

Saturday the Cayman Islands was attacked and taken over by Pirates. No one was injured (except hangovers) but the Governor’s stunt double was taken hostage.
This reporter happened to be there and at great personal risk and danger, got the story:
It was a normal weekend downtown,

Like normal, the Governor was there with his normal security contingent.

Suddenly a pirate ship appeared!

Heroically realizing instantly that attack was inevitable, I quickly and heroically and at great personal risk and danger, (and minor personal inconvenience), disguised myself as one of them, (So I could get the story)

I heroically was able to save my Wife by getting her disguised too!
The pirate ship fired upon and destroyed the George Town Fort!

Ironically, the pirates had to be transferred to a tender to come ashore. This may have been the Governments Defensive flaw! If the government provided no tender, would have the pirates been able to come ashore? No one will ever know!

The pirates overwhelmed the tight security and captured the Governor!

The captured Governor was paraded as hostage!

Wild mayhem ensued, there was pirate revelry in the streets!

Out of control madman, on a captured human steed!

Seems like more than one shipful of pirates!
Pirate Fiends!

No one can predict what will happen next, the pirates are in control! If you don’t have travel plans to visit the Cayman Islands, make some! We need all the help we can get!

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