Yet Another Happy Friday!

Its the start of my mother and sisters last weekend here.

We have no firm plans, we’ve pretty much covered the bases, as far as tourist things are concerned. We’ll go out to dinner, the beach and anything else they want to do.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday Summary

Had a good, busy week end with the fam. Went to Coco Fest Saturday. It was quite nice.

Saturday night we watched movies.

Sunday I took the dogs on a 5K dog walk. (Mom and sister stayed home)

Sunday mid day onward we went out for smoothies and had dinner.

also somewhere in there I got h lawn mowed.

Have a great week!

February Already

January is gone. Every year IS getting shorter. I remember turning 40, declaring that I guessed my life was about half over. Let me tell you, this second half is going a lot faster than that first half did!

Our cold front seems to be ending, I’m glad for that!

Have a great day!

Not According To Plan

It was a cold and windy weekend. It still is cold and very windy.

I’m getting ready to get the house painted, and I planned to spend Saturday on moving a large amount of tile and cinder blocks that were next to the house.. Well, I went for breakfast first with friends and had a flat tire and it pretty much took 3/4ths of the day to get that sorted out. So I ended up moving the material on Sunday, and I got it done Now I can start worrying about the money needed to paint he house..

I still am not supposed to scuba dive because of my tooth and bone graft. Next weekend oughta be OK.

On a positive note, I went out and had a solo dinner and watched Cincinnati win. Very pleasing. I grew up in Missouri, but as a boy, I saw the Bengals practice in Wilmington Ohio, where my Mom is from. Plus, in Missouri, most people were Cardinals fans and switched to KC when the Cards fled to Arizona.

it was the first NFL game I have seen in probably 2 or 3 years.

And now it’s back to work…. 🙁

Have a good week!!!

WW = Wonderful Weekend

Friday: Dinner with about 20 friends. It was really fun. Saturday was a 800 meter sea swim.

Guessing about a hundred swimmers total.

Sunday morning I saw the moon set. Just like a sunset, except it was an (almost) full moon. I always wanted to see that my whole life and Sunday was the first time.

And i went diving Sunday as you probably guessed by the pictures. I have too many Flamingo Tongue pictures but I can’t stop taking pictures of them.

Monday, not looking too bad from here.

have a great week!


When I got home yesterday, I saw an email from my web page host about an outage. This is an email account not on my phone. Ergo, that’s why I was not being able to get on yesterday. So all’s well that ends well.

This morning, Daisy got off the leash. It’s a pinch collar and I saw it just drop off of her. Can they get old and become un-sprung?

And it’s Friday. I’m glad. This was my first full week since I started taking Fridays off in my “Use it or lose it scheme last year.

have a good, weekend! It is well deserved!

Good Morning Monday!

I slept comparatively well last night, thanks to Lois’s Prayers no doubt.Thank you.

It was a good day yesterday. Went diving and met the contractor (who actually showed up on time). He trimmed the edges of the tile and filled in a few spots missed by grout. I gotta say, the job looks good!

Now I’m ready to have a party!

Below are a few pictures from yesterday’s dive. Ya got your standard Queen Angel, your daily Flamingos Tongues, not to mention Cool Courtney and Bermuda Brian..

And now it’s ā nuther Monday, which I’m actually looking forward to.

Have a great week!

Back To Old Phone

I switched back to my old phone,the new one just isn’t worth the hassle.

It’s a day off, use it or lose it vacation Friday. It’s almost 2022. Unbelievable.

Here it’s cloudy with a chance of rain. I’m going diving, I like it better when it’s sunny.

Remember December 13th, when I told you my motorcycle helmet broke? I ended up buying a new helmet. Here’s a picture of me wearing my new motorcycle helment. I didn’t know it had the pop down a visor until I got it. Surprisingly pleased with the new helmet. Very disappointed with the new phone, It’s like they offset each other.

I look just like the cop in Terminator 2

Have a great weekend!


I saw my seahorses 3, 4 and 5 this week. They were all in about 10′ area, out in the sand flats between the mini reef and the drop off. They were all about 3″ tall I guess.

It was a good weekend, did some yard work and took some naps. I went out to dinner with the Friday night dinner club, but the Sunday pizza on the beach hasn’t really been happening lately. I liked that better than the Friday night dinners.

And now it’s back to work, have a good week.

Congratulations or Condolences?

When I tell someone my divorce is final they usually say “congratulations”. That’s not how I see it. I guess, for me people should say condolences. For her, congratulations are in order. I guess.

I’m kind of torn on how much personal stuff I should put here on this blog. On one hand, I don’t want it to be this emotional cry baby place, On the other hand I want to be able to come back in a year and know what was going on inside my head, something I can’t always do.

It’s another “use it or lose it” Friday, no plans, really.

I have a great weekend! I will!