Training At Work

This week, I am in training for work, all week. Yesterday, day #1,  was interesting.

Ditto seems much better today. He came begging fora treat when I was taking my blood pressure medicine/vitamins this morning. I gave him a cod liver oil pill.

It rained this morning for about 5 minutes, but now it seems clear. I’d rather go to the beach today than work. This is a perfect Caribbean morning.

I feel kind of scatterbrained this morning. I find it interesting how I feel different day to day. I had a dream last night that my boss and I were wrapping teacups in paper.

That’s all for today, take care!

Coffee Disaster

This morning coffee went all over the countertop. I’m late from cleaning it up. (and sleeping an extra half hour)

Last night I had a dream a volcano went off. I was with a bunch of people and I looked up the mountain and saw black smoke coming out of the ground in two places. I yelled “LOOK!” and everybody looked and it blew up. We started running and rocks and dirt was landing all around us. 
And I dreamed I was sorting coins in alphabetical order.

Have a good day

Wordless Wednesday

I had a really hard time getting up this morning. I was dreaming, and I was getting ready  to do something very important when the alarm went off. I can’t accomplish anything with these alarm clocks disturbing me all the time.

Here’s some pics from yesterday lunchtime. Wordless Wednesday, I didn’t say nuthin!





Nice Dreams

I dreamed that the tide went down about 100 feet, My dog, Ditto and I went up to what normally is the dropoff, and looked down into the water. We could see the water level coming back up and turned and ran as our feet got wet. We were running across the sand flats, which are normally 60 feet under water, as the small waves from the rising tide chased us.

I was running and laughing and I looked down at Ditto, running beside me and I could tell he was as happy as any dog could be. Tongue out trailing alongside his face, ears blowing in the wind, eyes sparkling as he looked back at me.

It was a wonderful dream, Happy and fun.

I wish Ditto could stay young. Nowadays, he mostly sleeps or paces the floor. We’re pretty sure he’s deaf, not sure he can see, and pretty certain he’s senile and doesn’t know where he  is a lot of the time.

It’s not fair.


Got the new Kindle going, upgraded and loaded with my books. It’s just like my old Kindle now, except with  a better keyboard and 2 gig instead of 4 gig, and no WiFi….

Have a good day!!!!!

Back To Work! Back To WORK!


Back to work in 2015, at least it’s Friday. Not sure it’s a good thing, having the first workday being a Friday, or a taint of the good name Friday, having the first workday fall on it. I chose the former, as I am glad it’s not MONDAY!


We have a visitor from Minnesota for a week, my wife’s friend she met when she worked in Mexico.  She’s nice, I like her. Minnesota…. No human could ever survive in Minnesota. It’s so cold, if you went outside naked, you would die.

We stayed home New Years, first year we didn’t have a party. We did walk up the road and saw some friends about 9PM though.

Last night I dreamed I took a friend to a drug/alcohol treatment center to drop them off. Then I couldn’t get out. The place was a fortress with hundreds, if not thousands, of “inmates”. I couldn’t get out because nobody could find the boss, who had the key to the front gate. She was passed out because she “took a shot of Valium”. Happy 24th AA birthday to me. 24 years without a drink and I’m not even thirsty! Yup, Jan 02, 1991.

That’s it for my first post of 2015. Happy New Year!

Poor Attitude Tuesday

I really don’t feel like going to work this morning. It’s not Monday, but it feels like it. A bad Monday!

It was a good weekend though.


Snorkeling selfie

I had a dream that I won a boat. Actually, four people won a boat to share. We traveled far to get the boat. It was in the woods. When we got there, there was only room for three of us, so I had to go back by myself. When I said I wanted to go in the boat, everybody laughed at me.

We went to the beach yesterday. Here’s some underwater pictures.

Camera 14MP-9PC

The Wife


Christmas Tree worm


Yellow and gray fish

Have a good week!

Weird Dream Wednesday

Last night I had a crazy dream. I dreamed  I created a document that looked like this:


It was perfect. Simple and elegant, a work of art.

I turned it in to my boss, and the auditors, and contractor, and regulator, who all wanted changes. By the time I got done with it, it looked like this:


Marilyn Manson, I kid you not.

So now you know

It was a very nice weekend. Saturday was a little cloudy, but Sunday was gorgeous. Now I’m here, drinking coffee, ready for work.

Last  night I had a dream that if you have vertical stripes on your shirt, your pants should have horizontal stripes and vice versa. It is a faux pas to wear aligned stripes on your pants and shirts.

So Now You Know

(I was unable to find appropriate illustratory images)

I also had a dream of being improperly dressed at work. I was wearing a brand new pair of blue jeans, walking down the hall, hoping nobody would say anything.

And that’s it, Happy Monday

Dancing Cactus Man


I had a dream this morning, My first dream that I remember for a long time. Just the other day I was thinking, it’s been a long time that I’ve had any dreams….

I was at a hotel. I looked out the window and there was an AC unit. On top of the AC was a cactus, I thought “That cactus looks like a person. How does it grow on the metal of the AC?” I didn’t think much of it. Later, I looked out the window again, the cactus was in a different position, and I realized that if I watched, I could see it moving, and it was dancing. A dancing man cactus.

Later, I went down the hall to the bathroom (apparently, the rooms didn’t have private bathrooms). but the hotel had been remodeled, and the door that was the bathroom door was now another room, and my optometrist was in there. I was talking to her, (“where’s the bathroom?” “I don’t know.” “This is where it used to be.” “I just checked in, this is the room they gave me.”)

So I go to ask where the bathroom and I end up getting in the back of a truck, and we ride and ride, running cars off the road and stuff. Beautiful sunny day. Then the next thing I know, I’m back in my room and the dancing cactus man was dancing almost full speed.

Then I woke up. Alarm clock .

Have a Happy Humpin’ Day!

What Is Cold Sea Sausage? And How Is It Used?

This morning when the alarm went off I was having a dream that I was in college, taking a test. The first question was “What is ‘cold sea sausage’, and how is it used? I was looking through my books and notes, trying to find the answer for so long that other people in the class were finishing the test. The college instructor was a US Marine, so nobody was really allowed to talk, but after a while, I asked out loud: “WTF is up with this first question?” Someone said it was a trick question.

Cold Sea SausageI woke up without reading the second question….What do you think of that dream? C’mon, don’t hold back.

In other news, I got my scooter back before lunch yesterday, and it seems to be running very well. They said that the bolt I found was not from my scooter and that they checked and all nuts and bolts seem to be in place. My Yamaha hero is back from vacation and the whole store is running smoothly again.

Yesterday, I don’t know what happened, I got up, did everything I normally do, and started heading to work. On the road were all the school kids. I thought “what thee bloody ‘ell is going on here?” and looked at my watch. I was a full half hour early. I don’t know why, but usually I barely have time to get everything done, and it’s time to go. Yesterday, I got everything done and went, and it was wayyyy early. Then I spent the morning wondering what I forgot to do.

It’s HUMP Day! Tomorrow is our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary. I have my wifes present sittin here on my table, in snowman wrapping paper. She just asked me, “What’s that Christmas present?” I said, without turning my head to see what she was talking about, or blinking or flinching, “What Christmas present?” Ha Ha!