Happy Monday to You!

Here it is, another Monday. Here the weekend was cold and windy. Saturday we went to the Orchid Show. On the way home, it started raining. That was if for the weekend. We just stayed home an watched movies.

I didn’t take any good pictures at the Orchid Show, You wanna see orchid pics, try looking HERE. I did get some pictures of our cat BTK, up in our tree.Mar 03, 2013 020 (2) Mar 03, 2013 024 Mar 03, 2013 028

Wednesday Picture Post

It’s a Holiday here. I have the day off but the wife is working, unfortunately. Below are some random pictures from the past week or so.

Feb 06, 2013 000

Cruise ship from the air, taken when I was on my way to Cayman Brac for work last week.

Jan 26, 2013 005

Last months full moon, coming up over the neighbors house.Jan 31, 2013 004Heron and snorkelers.

Like A Monday, But Better!

It was a pretty nice weekend. Yesterday was a holiday here. Friday night we went to Boogie Nights, disco70’s and 80’s music disco style at a restaurant. I tell ya boys, there were easily 10 girls for every guy.. That never happened when I was single. Got home around 1AM, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I stayed out that late.

Saturday I went and got all two of our cars re-registered. When I got to the Motor Vehicle place, the line was out the door, but it moved quickly and only took about a half an hour. I filled out a critique sheet and gave them 10’s. AND I mowed the yard. the FRONT yard only. The back just didn’t need it… bad enough. I can’t remember much about Saturday.

Sunday we went to the beach and went snorkelingCamera 14MP-9PCThen we made steaks on the grill.

Yesterday was Heroes Day, kind of like Veterans Day in the USA. The Wife went to an All Girls birthday party and I stayed home. All day I was so frikkin tired, I have no idea why. I took two naps and went to bed early. And I made hamburgers on the grill.

Now it’s like a Monday, but it’s not, it’s TUESDAY!

Cayman DOE Marine Parks Proposal

Hi Fish Fans,

This week is the last chance to give your input to the DOE  about the new Marine Parks proposal, so please ask everyone you know to say “yes” to the new proposal before the end of November.  To be clear, this is their final public input period in formulating the proposal that they will present to the Cabinet for approval.  Our reef fish continue to decline rapidly and will all soon be lost if we don’t hit the brakes hard now… no exaggeration!  Contact DOE at: doe@gov.ky       The last time this was done 25 years ago, not enough people stood up for the proposal (there were plenty who cared but sat on their hands thinking it was obvious) and we got fishing on the 80′ profile as a result of a few noisy fishermen.  That fishing of the 80′ profile is the biggest reason our marine park was not much more effective than it has been (as well as too late closure of the grouper spawning grounds).  Because we now have much fewer fish for recovery, we need much bigger parks and new fishing regulations (not yet addressed by this proposal).  Let the DOE know that we accept their new parks proposal. Don’t let the few naysayers be the only voices counted in shaping how the proposal that goes to Cabinet will look.

We continue losing dive tourism numbers and millions of $ in tourism as we lose fish.  If we still had today, the fish that we had in the 80’s we would easily have at least four times the number of divers coming here, because everywhere else in the Caribbean is also fished out.  This is our chance to lead the competition.  There is still a chance to reverse the current decline if we act quickly and willfully enough.  This is an economic issue in which all Caymanians will either lose or gain depending on what we do with the last few fish we have.   As for fishing, if they catch the last fish there will be nothing left for them to catch, so why do that!  I am sure there are many preservationists who just don’t understand that this input opportunity is about the DOE comparing how many people want more protection vs how many want more fishing in order to shape the proposal.  This is your “vote” on the issue!  You must not sit quietly expecting that the obvious shall prevail.  Everyone counts and this is not just for registered voters.  Anyone can and should give their opinion.

I have recommended we accept the DOE proposal as it is except for:  extend the proposed 200′ depth fishing limit along the parks drop-off to 600′ to make it more enforceable; make Little Cayman a complete marine sanctuary (or nearly so);  Grandfather in the currently dive buoyed enclosures at commercial shore diving sites as no-fishing zones within the proposed fishing zone of NW Point to Barkers (Lighthouse Point, Cracked Conch and Cobalt Coast);  add new fishing regulations ASAP (we need catch limits and special species protections).  Please forward to everybody you know and let’s get heard this time!   Speak up… pump up the volume… raise your voices to a crescendo that commands respect.

Email your recommendations to DOE at:    doe@gov.ky

Forward, forward, forward this to everyone who cares.

Be counted!

Thank you and may God bless us all with a renewed bounty,

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More Of The Same, And Then Some

Yesterday I went back to the same beach as yesterday, I went snorkeling near Spanish Bay and walked around a bit, taking pictures. While snorkeling, a frikkin remora tried to attach itself to me. Bastad. Normally they just keep hassling you but I kept chasing it until it went away.

Today I don’t know what is planned. Maybe go pick up a check. Renew the PO Box. Smoke a cigar….

Abandoned Spanish Bay Resort

Yesterday I rode my bicycle to the beach, I was exploring, looking for new spots and I went down this dirt road to a nice sandy beach. I found myself next to the old Spanish Bay Resort, which for reasons unknown to me, closed years ago. I went walking around taking some pics. From the road it is completely fenced off and kind of forgotten about.

Sad to see this great place falling apart. It is Caribbean, it’s not like the big hotels on Seven Mile Beach. I think this island needs more places like Spanish Bay was.

Monday Easypost

When I go diving on the weekend, it makes for an easy post on Monday, ’cause all I do is post some photos. Like these from yesterday at East End.

I am heading out relatively early this morning, for some work. It is cloudy and raining a little right now, and I am thankful for this rain. I planted a bunch of plants next to the new driveway yesterday and I hope they take off!

Have a good week!

Weird Dream Wednesday

I just typed a very long post about all the weird dreams I had last night. I uploaded a photo of the track of Tropical Storm Ernesto, pressed the letter “N” for my next word, and the whole thing disappeared. I hit undo several times, but could not get my post back. Let me tell you, while I still think wordpress is better than Blogger, crap like that never happened on Blogger.

So lets start again, all pissed off this time.

I had a bunch of weird dreams last night. I dreamed I was going to be tortured by having my feet smashed against a wall with bricks. I was more concerned with having to stand there the whole time than the pain. I elected not to do it and walked away. This was on a ship, or a train.

I dreamed I was in this building carved out of a cliff. There were doorways with no doors, windows with no glass, and pools of green water in almost every room. I walked to the road and got on my bicycle and rode away, but forgot something and had to go back.

I dreamed I went to the cigar store and someone said “don’t buy any cigars today”. I wanted a cigar so I asked and the owner started yelling at me. Everything was all weird and different. The store wasn’t normal.

There were more on my first post, which I have forgotten already. Damn you WordPress!

It is a poor musician who blames his instrument.

At one point I woke up and my feet were where my head should have been and my head was where my feet go. I slept a lot,  but not good.

Ernesto is gone and we got maybe two inches of rain, judging from my bucket outside. We need more. It has been raining regularly in town but not here. I was hoping for a direct hit from Ernesto just for the rain. It looks like today is going to get sunny again.

And that’s it for today. I have some work this afternoon at yet another radio station. Where’s the money? I work but there’s no money…

What a day yesterday!


Yesterday, The Wife and I went for a walk, a Powah Walk. When we came home there was no power. Our Power Walk must have drained all the Powah. Something blew up at the power station and the electricity was off island wide till after lunch. I whipped out the generator and ran the fridge. Went to town, came home and the generator was out of fuel and the power was still off. City Power came back on as soon as I refueled and restarted the Generator.

We used the gas grill to make coffee and eggs for breakfast. It was fun. I said I thought we could get the power turned off for a week and take a camping vacation at home. The wife said no.

Still working on the driveway. Gonna have 6 inches of concrete. at least. Generally speaking, the new part will be 9 inches thick, but one corner is 16 inches. I’m just leveling her up with the gravel. I used 3 cubic yards of gravel and have two more coming tomorrow.

It was a lot of work, moving all this and spreading it all out. I did have some help.

I was hoping to pour the concrete this week but hopefully next week for sure.

Anyway, since there was no power yesterday, I couldn’t post. That’s why.