Casual Friday, a Protest


Who invented Causal Friday? It’s stupid, it doesn’t rhyme, and the words don’t even start with the same letter.

Every day all week should be like casual Friday. And Fridays should be….

Wait for it….



Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Snappy sounding, both words start with the same letter, and you couldn’t do any work because you’d mess up your clothes!

Alternatively, I found this: It seems like it could be a good idea too.


That’s what I’m talkin about!

Have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Casual Friday, a Protest

  1. Oh that’s a GREAT way to work a work week! We actually more or less do have formal Fridays. We can wear jeans all week except on Fridays. I have to work on buying some pants, because I always end up in a skirt & I don’t really like skirts.

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