9 thoughts on “Can You Read This?

  1. No problemo Mark, easy to read! You are right though, we really don’t write enough these days.. mine has become a real mixture of printed/cursive

  2. I had no problem reading that. My writing is pretty bad due to the keyboard being easier. I remember taking a typing class in high school and never guessed it would be beneficial to me decades later.

    • I took a typing class in high school too! With the brand new IBM Selectric, the teacher said there was no improvement possible after that typewriter came out!

  3. I was caught in the cross over from cursive to printing and so my writing is worse than yours. I began with cursive and then went to printing, and as I rarely write anything now my hand aches after a few lines.

  4. Easy to read your hand writing Mark. We’ve been sorting through historical family letters and other papers, some are over 100 years old and the writing is amazing, fine and beautiful, especially considering it would have been done with ink and pen/nib.

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