Bye Bye Smiths Cove

The forces that be are going to build condos at Smith Cove. Found out yesterday. Read it here

Of course I’m against it, but if it’s private land and the owner wants to build on it, what can be said? I’m very surprised to learn that it was private land. The wife says it’s the lot next to Smith Cove, and not Smith Cove itself. We’ll see.

I remember the old Seaview Hotel. Fantastic island hotel and dive spot. Got wrecked in hurricane Ivan, and rebuilt as private condos. No more access.

When I moved here, probably half of Seven Mile Beach was undeveloped. Sea grape trees and casurina pines and the best beach in the world. Now you can hardly get on Seven Mile Beach. Condos and hotels with security guards. The beach is public, by law, but you can’t get access through the condos/hotels.

When I moved here, there was a law prohibiting building more than three stories tall. That was a good law. No matter what, the buildinds never cleared the treeline, and you never lost the Caribbean Island look. Now skyscrapers are going up everywhere. Ugly skyscrapers. To me, from the street, the Ritz looks like a prison.

When you get old like me, I guess all change is bad.

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