busy day

It’s Friday, this has been a very fast week. But it’s not over, tomorrow will be an extremely busy day. I have the parade in the morning and the swim in the afternooon.
My Dad is worse. He was in a home because my Mother can’t take care of him by herself anymore. He is not unconscious, but doesn’t talk or walk or recognize anyone. Now he has pneumonia and is in the hospital. I’m going to see him Tuesday of next week. I’m dreading my next credit card bill!
The swim is tomorrow, I haven’t trained at all, and my leg and foot hurts from where it was injured several weeks ago. Plus I have to set up the broadcast equipment before the race and take it down after.
Very busy day tomorrow.

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  1. So sorry to hear things are getting worse for your dad, and this must all be horribly hard on your mom. Just don’t think about the bill, the best use a credit card has is for emergencies.And good luck with the swim, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even with a sore foot (and that’s the most important thing ;o))

  2. Yea, those bad ankle sprains hurt for quite some time. My ankles still hurt from when I hurt them in January. Sorry about your dad…it’s hard to deal with.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your dad.Have you swam at all since the injury? The first time I tried swimming after I broke my ankle, 3 months later, it hurt like hell. But I’m a baby. Good luck!

  4. Yes you do sound busy Mark. Take it easy on that foot – and I hope you do well with the swim. don’t worry about the credit card – the expenses with flying to/from NY for your uncles funeral and flying to/from where your parents are to see your dad are all worth the cost. I’ll keep him and your mom in my prayers.

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