Bus Today

Yesterday I left my car for an annual inspection and an oil change. So I took the bus home last night and am taking the bus in this morning.

Work is too busy.

I’m trying to make a deal on a used Kindle here on the island. The seller refused to ask a price and  wanted me to make an offer. So I made a low offer, never heard back. So I emailed again, “Hey, I never heard back from you, what’s the deal?” So I got a reply “I have an offer for $40. Does that work?” My reply, “I’ll give you $40, cash today”. For cryin’ out loud, tell me how much you want for it, I’ll give you the money, you give me the Kindle. Why the games?

That’s it, gotta go, I have to leave early to catch “Da Bus”


5 thoughts on “Bus Today

  1. Reminds me of the way locals deal here. We looked at a piece of land, asked for the price, the man said, “make an offer”. We make offer, wait for call back, no answer. We ask again, he says, “well, this is the price the land should go for but, make offer”. We make another offer, man decides he needs more money but, it is more than ten times our offer and way, way overpriced. We said, “no thanks”. And he hasn’t been able to sell his way, way overpriced land as yet. For two years. He called us and asked us to make another offer. We said, “too late, we bought another piece of land”. A much better piece of land for a fraction of his overpriced land.

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