Bullet point post

I don’t know how to make bullet points on the internet.,,,

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday.
Our boat wasn’t ready yesterday, we’re supposed to get it today,
I didn’t sleep too well last night.
I’m drinking my first cup of coffee.
There’s someone out shaking the mango tree I have a hard time dealing with it. I mean, people come, shake the tree, a few mangos fall out, get them and go. But no, they stay there, trying everything to get every mango out of the tree. Until I go say something, like I just did. I wish I could be diplomatic like my Wife.

I get the feeling that I’m not in a good mood today..

One thing I do  like though, is our chickens. Yesterday we let them out in the  morning, they were gone all day, and at sunset they came back and we put them in their cage and fed them. I like how they drink water as soon as they go inside. And they love mango. I don’t know what we’re going to do when there’s no more mangos.

Have a good day.

12 thoughts on “Bullet point post

  1. I don’t blame you for being upset about people taking your mango tree! I saw a young lady cutting flowers at a rest stop and taking them with her yesterday. I wonder how long the flowers at the rest stop would last if everyone did that! Geesh!

    • Two nights ago there was someone taking mangos at night, I yelled at him to come back in the day, it gets the dogs a-barking, and wakes us up. I came home yesterday and almost all the mangos were gone. There were just a few left.

      I had my eye on one that the guy took this morning.

      I don’t mind people taking them, just don’t do it at night, and don’t try to take them all.

    • The trees are on the property line, hanging over both sides, so it’s kind of hard to justify saying they’re mine. And like I said, I can’t eat them all myself, so I don’t mind people taking some.

  2. Damn! Sorry about that. Wherever you see &lt in the comment before last, replace it with a “” or the “greater than” sign…

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