Broken Leg

Here’s a GPS track from my watch of me mowing he yard last Friday. Good thing I got it done, because the next day, I would break my leg, tripping over the dawg.

I didn’t even really trip, I felt my foot coming down on this soft, furry thing, and I tried to change the trajectory of my foot, I kind of rolled over on the top of it.

Above is the X-Ray, with my blue writing showing where the break is. Teeny tiny line running between the blue arrows. (The X-Ray tech showed me the pics, and mentioned she was emailing them to the doctor, I asked if she could CC me on that email and she did).

I didn’t think it was broken, it didn’t swell too much, but it hurt. I went to the doctor mostly to find out when I could get the all clear to run and swim again. Six weeks with this boot on it.

I feel sad that I can’t run and swim. Bye-bye beach lunches too. Sadness is an emotion that I seldom feel, and is easily recognizable. It’s not like depression or self-pity, which I always battle. Depressioin comes from anger, self-pity comes from pride, but that’s a post for another day!

Apparently, las night it rained behind the house, but not in the front. The back was soaked, the front, dry as a bone!

Have a great day!

One thought on “Broken Leg

  1. I can understand you not wanting to stand on the dog… but shame you had to injure yourself! Bugger that you can’t go swimming/running and so on for so long! I hope the pain isn’t too bad.

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