Brexit, As I See It

I”ve guess you’ve all heard about Brexit, very long, drawn out mess that has divided the people of the UK. Here’s Brexit in a nutshell:

You’ve got Northern Ireland, part of the UK, which is leaving the EU with the UK. You’ve got Ireland, not part of the UK, part of the EU. Not leaving the EU.

The UK wants to leave the EU but not have border control between Northern Ireland and Ireland. EU says “No way!, That’s like leaving the back door open for a bad neighbor!” The UK’s trying to figure a way to keep an open border that the EU will accept.

That’s it, in a nutshell, as I see it.

Funny thing, untill I started writing this post, I thought Ireland was leaving with the UK, and Northern Ireland was staying, shows that really, deep down, I have no idea what Im talking about.

I’m sitting here, listening to dogs bark in the front, but not doing anything about it. I’m your bad neighbor. Leave the back door open for me!

Have a great day!

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