Brazil VS Germany Yesterday

Yesterday I was thinking; Germany has the better team, but FIFA wants Brazil to win. This game will be an excellent opportunity to view some excellent crooked refereemanship!

I went to work a half hour early, skipped my lunch hour, and left work early to go watch the game. By the time I got to the TV, the score was 5 – nil Germany hammering Brazil.





Not even crooked referees could have helped Brazil yesterday. I came to be amused and was shocked. Brazil, as a country loves their team too much to handle this. They were still upset about a loss in 1950.

Brazil vs Germany — is the 1-7 loss worse than 1950 trauma?

Brazil’s loss to Germany is the most devastating loss in World Cup history

There’s lots of articles, saying things like it’s the greatest humiliation in Brazil history.

It shouldn’t be, it was a sport, a game. But you can’t say that at this point in time.

Too much, like a joke that goes way way too far.

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