Brain Void

Today is the bank holiday Discovery Day. Like I said Friday, holidays these days are pretty much like any other day,

Lately I notice a desire to type. I want to write something, but I don’t have anything to write. I wish I had something in my brain, that I could squirt out on paper through a keyboard, but there’s nothing I’m aware of. I’ve been aware, since I was a youngster, that I have an above-average lack of creativity. Other kids assignments seemed so imagineitive and brilliant and clever, while I struggled to even come up with an idea, and then end up with a boring product.

It’s similar to the difficulty I have coming up with a topic to post every day here, kinda like drawing a blank when I always wondered what I wanted to do with my life. I guess I haven’t done too bad in life, but I’ve never myself propelled in an original, self-determined direction. A seemingly huge section of my mind, that when I look there, it’s a blank. I want to produce something, create something, but there’s nothing available.

Tomorrow here is going to be a really big day. The hardware stores open and the beaches open. It will be a normal day for me, because of my last name, I can’t go to either till Wednesday. The hardware store is going to be super duper crowded. I need a ew things, not much, some stuff to hook up an ice maker, a piece of 3/4 inch PVC and a 90 degree curve. And a new hacksaw. My hacksaw broke a couple months ago, the nut that pulls the blade tight stripped out and I kept forgetting about it until I went to use it. Life is tough without a hacksaw, lemme tell ya.

I can wait a few more days.

Stay safe!

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