Boy Dogs VS Girl Dogs

I never realized how good Ditto is till I got Sheba. Not that Sheba is bad, just kind of picky.
I walk them and Ditto takes care of business immediately. Sheba has to pee with her front paws on the pavement and her back paws on grass. She gets in position like a diamond cutter. Then it takes her 20 minutes to find the right place to poop. Sniff and stroll, sniff and stroll, stretch the lead just a little further than her slack. Then she puffs her cheeks while pooping (her cheeks on her face).
The other day I was getting pretty annoyed, waiting for her. She was looking for her spot, sniffing some old dog poop. I asked her if she thought she could do any better.
She did.

Uh, no pics today, I COULD post some dawgpoop pics if you’d like!!

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