Bought It

Yesterday, I bought the new scooter, hopefully, I’ll pick it up today.

I put an ad online to sell my scooter, I pushed the ‘submit’ button, and realized I forgot my phone number. I edited it, and less than two minutes later, my phone rang, and they bought my old scooter.

They were all in a hurry, and I spent my efforts yesterday afternoon getting the paperwork sorted for them to buy it. I never made it to the insurance company to get the insurance switched over. So now I’ve sold the old scooter, don’t have the new one yet, my Wife has loaned my car out, and I’m transportationless, for the time being.

I’m excited about the new scooter.

2 thoughts on “Bought It

  1. i almost bought one a few years ago. My wife talked me out of it, which was probably a good idea… i dont know if i would have used it as much as i thought i would…

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