Bloglines Must Go!

bloglinesAfter Google Reader went under, I had to find a replacement reader. I was pretty happy with Bloglines. But apparently, they made a change for the worse. I think they quit giving out cookies, so that if I go to the page, I have to log in. If I leave the page and come back, I have to log in again, even if I didn’t close my browser. So I have to re-log in. Even if I have Bloglines open in one window, and open another window, it still comes up to the log on page.. I have everything set so that I stay logged in all the time on my computer. Bloglines is the only one screwing up, and it’s screwing up on more than one computer.

I’m not going to bother trying to contact them. I asked for help earlier and got no response. I wanted to sort my feeds alphabetically, that was my question. I got the standard auto reply, but nothing since.

So screw ’em. Another good company ruins it’s product with upgrades. It’s a pity that companies don’t need to listen to their customers.

I feel like everything I post lately is negative. I need to address that.


16 thoughts on “Bloglines Must Go!

  1. What you call negative, I call Telling it like it is. I am having issue with Twitter at this moment and notifications. I also got rid of a product called Dashlane because their upgrade was so convoluted that after a while I had no idea what they are doing. And thier support sent me a message saying, “Sorry , hope you come back soon.” So, they obviously didn’t give a shit.

    If this helps, I am currently using FeedDemon Lite 4.1 to read all my blogs. It does put them in Alpha order. Also in Time order by post. Check it out!

  2. Doesn’t sound good at all. Don’t they triple check their upgrades before going ahead and mucking things up for everyone? You’d think they would listen to users wouldn’t you. Nevermind tomorrow TGIF. Hope you got a good weekend planned ahead. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. i switched to the day google announced they were going to shut down reader. haven’t looked back. they’ve done several upgrades since, but it seems to work well – even if it runs in the background of chrome and i have to clear my cache more often now.

  4. you couldnt take a picture with MY blog showing?

    now that google reader is dead, ive given up feed readers for now, and have just been sporatically visiting the sites i enjoy.

    • I had when my blog was on WordPress, but since I’m using, is too confused to handle it; It sends people to the wrong blog.

  5. That’s one of my major complaints about Facebook; they’re constantly changing. As soon as you get used to one change, they change something else. A constant learning curve and not always for the better. Why can’t people just leave well-enough alone and stop tweaking things. Oh…job security. I forgot about that. LOL. Anyway, I wish things could stay the same.

  6. Actually I got an answer from them. Google’s demise is giving them overload grief. No doubt thats a common theme these days.

    MerchantCircle Customer Support replied:


    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding some recent technical problems you may have noticed on Bloglines.

    As you are likely aware, the demise of Google Reader has recently caused a tremendous spike in user traffic for our humble site and we are still working to catch up!

    Believe it or not, we are actually a very small team trying to manage a massive volume of traffic and different resources. We hope to have these hiccups resolved as soon as possible, but we do ask that you please bear with us as we sort out these new challenges!

    Thank you for using Bloglines and we hope the rest of your day is fantastic!

    Very Best,

    The MerchantCircle Community Team
    MerchantCircle Customer Support

    • I received the above message in my spam filter about 3:45 10 Jun 2013….
      I’m pretty happy with Feedly now, but I do like the look of Bloglines better. I checked and it’s still messed up, maybe I’ll switch if they ever get sorted out.

  7. I am having exactly those two issues, but I do like Bloglines, of all the alternatives so I hope they get their act together. Have you tried g2reader, its a nice second best which I might stick to while I wait.

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