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I was looking at reviews for blogging software. I only know about WordPress and Blogger. I use WordPress for this site, but there’s things I’d like to get sorted out.

I;m kind of surprised buy the reviews I read. HERE. It says WordPress has excellent  technical support and to me, it seems non existent. It says WordPress had no Slideshow capability, and it does.

I’m not planning on making any changes yet, but WordPress doesn’t give me the control I expected when I bought my own site and installed the software. They’re already pressuring me to install updates. Anyway I’m fishin’

4 thoughts on “Blogging Software

  1. Isn’t that interesting! I’ve read some good reviews by users of wordpress and some bad ones. It probably depends on what one is using wordpress for and what their needs are. I hope you get your’s sorted out. Maybe, that’s why your dreaming strange dreams : ) Like you feel helpless about something but, know there is a way out.

  2. Thanks for posting this link. It’s the most comprehensive side-by-side comparison of blogging software I’ve seen.

    I’ve been using, the free WordPress, since 2007 and love it. The only thing that frustrates me about WordPress is you can’t make money through advertising (although my traffic is so low, that may be a mute point) unless you go to the paid hosting through I tried that and found it a little too difficult for my simple brain to use. Nonetheless, I highly recommend, and you can’t beat the price — free.

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