Blogger Banned, Then Unbanned (I think?)

Our fellow Blogger, Nine year old Martha Payne has a blogger blog called NeverSeconds. Her blog is about school lunches and she’d take pictures of her lunch every day and count how many bites it took to eat it. She uses her blog to earn money for a kitchen for a place Called Marys Meals.
The other day, she was called to the office and told that she could not take pictures of her lunch anymore…. 

There was a huge international outcry, and apparently she has been given permission to take pictures again.
I love it when a little girl kicks the administrations ass! Read the article HERE. But in her blog, her Dad says she still can’t take photos, so I don’t know what is going on actually. We’ll see if the lunch pictures come back.

 Count your bites!

 Not bad looking to me. This reminds me of my school lunches. Except maybe we had a huge pile of overcooked blackish green squishy spinach to go with it. And everything on the tray would be floating in a half inch of spinach juice…..

Do ya eat the Popsicle or the burger first?….Only  TWO tater tots?!!?? And what kinda burger is that?? No mustard or ketchup or lettuce or tomato? Cucumber instead of pickle? 
Please Suh, I want some more!
Martha Payne, You ROCK! Keep up the good work!!!
(This is one of the things I though I’d post yesterday before my mind went blank. BTW.)

4 thoughts on “Blogger Banned, Then Unbanned (I think?)

  1. Does she take photos of her lunches that the school provides?Maybe the school objects to their lunches being scrutinised by so many people?Maybe they are crap lunches!

  2. I lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I was a kid. Mom made them with grape jelly, which was the cheapest. I hate grape jelly to this day. This girl's lunches look good to me, but more power to her. Recording the substance of her lunches is enlightening.

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