Pirates Week & a Holiday Weekend

Holiday season is upon us! Monday is a holiday, our first holiday since July I think..

And it’s Pirates Week, I have a costume, not sure I’ll be wearing it tho. I decided I needed a three corner hat to complete my uniform.

We had some rain last night and this morning. I was surprised by the wet ground. It was nice doing my exercise and meditation in the light rain. Hope it doesn’t rain this weekend!

heavier-than-air toxic gas

Last night I was asleep, dreaming about why I couldn’t sleep. I deduced there must be a toxic, heavier-than-air gas in the area that I was sleeping. As I move around, I stir it up, sometimes inhaling it, sometimes not, sometimes mixing it with good air. I decided I was sleeping in some type of bowl and when I woke up I would have to use a fan to blow all the heavier-than-air toxic gas out of the bowl. Then I’d sleep well.

Overall, I woke up thinking I slept well. And according to my tracker, it was one of my best night’s sleep ever. Dreaming about not sleeping was just a dream

Have a wonderful day!

Hippos In Colombia

There was an article this morning about feral hippopotamuses in Colombia. They are escapee’s from Pablo Escobar’s private zoo in the 1990s. Columbia is apparently a perfect place for hippos to grow, plenty of water and food.

Read the article HERE. Hippos are very dangerous.. Interesting, but not really funny

happy Friday have a great weekend!

Cloudy Thick

it’s a cloudy, thick, humid windy morning here. Lat night I slept with the windows open, thinking of turning on the AC, but it was never that bad.

We had a front move through last night, the sea was rough on the dog walk this morning and hopefully the cooler air will push thru soon

It’s almost Friday, already the weekend seems overbooked.

Have a great day!

Not As Planned

yesterday didn’t turn out at all like I expected it to. I found water dripping in the car park that was coming from the bathroom. I called the plumber and they had to fix a leak.

Crack in the carport ceiling where the water was coming out...

I got done with the plumber just in time to go to the dentist. I thought I was in pretty good shape dental wise, but apparently not. I got to work just in time to go to a meeting.

The the day went by, and I feel like I got very little done.

Now it’s November 1st already, I find that incredible. Every year is indeed getting shorter. Seems like.

Have a wonderful day, unless you’ve already made plans to do otherwise.

Happy Halloween !

Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?

He didn’t have the guts!

What do you get when you take the insides out of a hot dog?

A hollow weenie!

Ha ha hahaha! Happy Halloween! Tune in next year for the same jokes again!

Listen Inside

pics from the weekend above.

It was a long, satisfying weekend . Friday was a nice dinner out, Saturday was an invigorating day with a very challenging yoga class and then beach. Sunday was the usual beach yoga and breakfast and then I came home to meet and introduce a new pet sitter to my dogs.

I thought it would be fine to spend a lazy afternoon at home, And it was. I read and took a nap. But later in the afternoon, I started getting a little antsy. I stayed home, but in hindsight, it would have been ok to change my plans and gone out, for a late lunch or maybe take the dogs to the beach.

I realized that it’s sometimes ok to change a plan, AND I learned that I have been somewhat inflexible, especially with myself (nobody else does what I want anyway! HaHa!). Once I make a decision or plan, I tend to not consider that I can change my mind….

Interesting minor revelation.

Happy Monday , have a fantastic week!