Two Bad Samsung Watches

I got a Samsung watch for my birthday in 2019, I really liked it. The display started flickering about May of this year. I went and bought another one, the Samsung Galaxy watch 2. The display on this one flickered after the warranty expired and a day.

I’m taking them to the cell phone repair place, I’m going to ask if they can be repaired. In the meantime I’ve got my old Garmin Vivosport back on.

I really did like the Samsung watch and the watch 2.

It was a good weekend, a lot of diving. Have a great week!

use it or lose it Friday

I’m off today. Another use it or lose it Friday. (vacation I have to use by the end of the year or lose it)

I saw the eclipse last night (early this morning). It was pretty cool the Earth’s shadow covered the full moon almost completely.

Today I’m going to the eye doctor, I supposedly have cataracts in one eye and glaucoma in the other. We shall see.

Is other than that I have a day of beach, reading, shopping planned.

Is tomorrow is a shore dive and Sunday is a boat dive.

And that’s my weekend plan.

Have a great weekend!

Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones

I got a pair of these Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones and so far, I like them quite well. Your sound is better than I expected. I like the design and the style.

They are the bone conduction type of headphones, they don’t cover your ear opening. It disturbs me when I see people driving a car, riding a bicycle, or walking down the street wearing huge headphones. It disturbs me if I’m wearing headphones and I cannot hear traffic or my surroundings outdoors. These bone conducting headphones offer situational awareness, I can still hear what’s going on around me when I’m wearing the headphones.

They’re still in my testing stage and I’ll let you know more later.

The document signing mentioned yesterday didn’t happen, today at 10:30.. That’s the appointment.

You have a good day!

Our Last Few Hours

Today I will probably go sign the petition for divorce submitted to my lawyer by my estranged wife’s lawyer. It has already been signed by her. The documents will then go through the court system where they will probably be processed by some clerk. We won’t know the exact moment we are no longer married, but the moment I sign the document today, both of us have taken all the action we will take for a divorce. So kind of, these are our last few hours married.

In a month or so, we’ll both get called to the courthouse to pick up our documents. Our own document of divorce.

I don’t feel like a divorce was necessary. I don’t think we had any big problems that couldn’t be easily remedied. I feel like I imagine I’d feel having a healthy arm and healthy leg removed just for the fun of it. I still love her and I will always love her.

Today is a sad day indeed.

Miracle Battery?

Many months ago, my motorcycle battery died on my scooter. I was kick starting it for a long time. The battery is very specific because of the battery “”slot” on the scooter. No other battery could fit. I guess because of covid, the shop was having a hard time getting a new battery. They finally told me they probably couldn’t get one. So I looked into cutting the battery box to make a bigger battery fit. I took it all apart, and put it back together. It seemed doable. Just cut the plastic and find a way to support it by the frame.

We’ve had rainy days for the past month, more or less. Yesterday I decided to just go out and start the motorcycle because it because it had not been started in a long time. I turned the key and the lights came on, I was trying to kick started when I noticed the lights on. Bad battery means no lights (in this case). So I turned the key and it tried to start. The battery seemed strong but died kind of quickly because it hadn’t been used in a month. So I plugged in my battery charger and it charged fully. Now the whole scooter seems fine. Good battery, runs smooth easy to start. Can’t complain.

It’s a miracle! Of course, it’s still threatening to rain every day so I can’t ride it yet, but soon come!

Have a miraculous day!

Swim Cut Short – Lighting

Today the sea swim got cut short due to lightning. There were swimmers swimming 1 km, there were swimmers swimming 3 km, and there were 5 km swimmers. The one km swimmers were able to finish the race, the 3 km swimmers almost finished the race. Perhaps some of them did. But the 5 km swimmers didn’t finish at all.

According to my watch, I swam 1.32 miles. That’s 2.124334 kilometers. A hard rain started just before the race started had just quit. I was approaching the halfway point when I heard people yelling, I thought to myself “surely nobody’s yelling at me, I’m right on course”. But the event workers were yelling at everyone to get out of the water.

I was, and still am, very disappointed.

A few more pictures before I close:

Have a very good weekend!

5 K Sea Swim

It’s Friday! I’m doing my normal routine, but out of order.

Tomorrow morning there is a 5 K sea swim. I’ve been doing the half mile at lunch almost every lunchtime. Twice this week in the pouring rain. 5 K is 3.1 miles. 6X longer than I’ve been training for. Years ago, I did a 2 mile sea swim, that’s my longest so far. The thought of swimming my half mile circuit 6 times is kind of disturbing, But I’m pretty sure I’m going to go for it. It should take me two hours.


Have a good weekend!

Eleven Dash Eleven

Yesterday I received the petition for divorce from my wife’s attorney.

I guess the end is near. Today I will reluctantly venture to my attorney to sign it. He will turn it in to the court system that will end my beloved marriage. I don’t want any of this to be happening.

It is a wholly lugubrious day. Rain driving against the windows, thunder and lighting. Total darkness at the hour the sun usually starts to lighten things up.

Eleven – Eleven. A day that will live in lugubriosity.