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Day before yesterday, I was talking to The Wife about the blogs. I asked her if she was going to post and she said “I don’t have anything prepared”. I laughed so hard milk squirted out of my nose. (not really, I wasn’t drinking milk. When someone says “I laughed so hard milk squirted out of my nose”, it just means they thought something was VERY funny, it doesn’t mean they were drinking milk, in fact, it doesn’t even necessarily mean they really laughed out loud.) However, if you ARE drinking milk and you laugh so hard milk squirts out your nose, then that’s double funny, (1) what made you laugh and (2) the milk actually squirting out of your nose!

I never prepare posts for this blog. I just get up, shower shave get dressed and coffee, and sit down and start typing. Do you prepare for posts? Research? experimentation? Work on it for days before posting it? Just wondering.

socthAnother fun fact. When I get dressed in the morning, I rummage blindly in the dark in my sock/underwear/t-short drawer till I find socks. Then I wear pants to match the socks. ‘Cause if I put on pants, and then try to find socks to match the pants, no way that’s happening, all my socks that color would diabolically disappear.

That’s it for today. Happy Hump Day!

2 thoughts on “Blog Post Subjects?

  1. Sometimes I prepare a well-thought out blog post in advance, but most of the time it’s whatever strikes my fancy–though even in that case I do some preliminary writing the night before. I’m forever switching my words around to get them right.

  2. depends on what I’m posting about ..if it’s a M-W-F post I have already searched places for the photos..I have about 10 different places I go to for the captioned pictures.I have ran out of places to go for the Putin ones so now I’m making up my own captions..if I do a West post I usually get it from our little paper..anything else it’s usually triggered by something I heard or read..sometimes I just sort of barf it out…

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