Blog name change??

I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog to MarkD60. I picked First Time because I thought I had to create a blog just to read other blogs. Also I picked First Time because it was temporary and experimental, and after I learned what I was doing, I’d create a REAL blog, with a real name. Now it’s over four years old, and I rekkon I plan on keeping it.

It’s real easy to change, and it doesn’t make any difference either way. Might as well keep it the same, might as well change it.

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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog (how did you find me?)You're really lucky to live in the Cayman Islands; it's paradise there – your pictures are much more impressive than my little Brit flicks!PS: is that a scotch egg…?

  2. Up to you.As for how I can post while still asleep…it's called Forward Posting… you type up your post, then at the bottom is "Post Options"…. click on that… and change the time and date of when that post will be published! It's simple and means if I know I can't get my post done first thing in the morning I can just do it the night before and know it will be published anyway! It's a great feature.

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