Blinding Light

Well, back to work today after three vacation days and a weekend. I did house chores more than expected. Yesterday, my designated beach day, it rained. so I installed the new fan, picture above.

Day-before yesterday, I went and bought the new fan, and the above pictured replacement light fixture for the kitchen. And light bulbs. I replaced the kitchen lights. It took more time than expected, because on the final step, putting the third and last light shade in, I found that the socket was broken and I had to take the whole thing down, return to the store and trade the defective one for a new, identical one. But, I got it done. And it was bright. I knew The Wife would say it was too bright.

A little backstory, My wife and I have an ongoing squabble about light bulbs. She likes these dim, yellow light bulbs, “natural light, soft white”. I like brighter lights, so you can see what you’re doing, maybe see your hand in front of your face or dissect a microbe.  Needless to say, we have these dim yellow lights all over the house. Happy wife, happy life.

Do you see, in the picture above, where it says 2700K? With the little triangle below the bar, like a brightness slider? Well, these are the bulbs my wife bought, after she returned and replaced the bulbs selected by me. The bulbs I originally bought had the arrow/slider all the way at the other end, and  the number said something like  500,000K. It lit the whole house, through the walls, ’round the corners, front porch and back. It lit the neighbors yard next door and the whole street. Stadium lighting, as the wife said. My wife forced me to admit that my bulbs were too bright, which, (I had no choice) I reluctantly did.

Seriously, you couldn’t even look at them, it was like being blinded by the sun.

So the fan’s up, lights up, concrete patched, lots of household projects done. Now it’s back to work on a rainy, cold Wednesday that feels like a Monday. 

Havva good’un!

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