Bizzy Weekend


Here it is again, another Monday. I had a pretty good weekend. We went and saw the movie “Now You See Me”, about a group of magicians who get together to rob banks. It was ok. We went to a friends housewarming party and I stayed up several hours past my bedtime. Yesterday, we went to the beach, and when we got home, The Wife made soft pretzels, after I said I liked them.


They are great! They’re what’s for lunch today!

Six weeks till we go to Florida on vacation, can’t wait.

And that’s it! Have a good Monday andย  have a good whole week!

7 thoughts on “Bizzy Weekend

  1. Those pretzels look great. We toyed with seeing that movie but opted for the Liberace one instead which was very good and funny and sad at the same time. Wow bet you are on countdown for Florida. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Those Pretzels…Yum. The wife and I also went to the movies. We saw “Man of Steel” the reboot. I should have seen what you went to see. At least the story would have been original.

  3. I used to love eating soft pretzels. Until I found out they were making me sick from gluten. Boo-hoo. Ain’t fair. Staying up too late made you look like you needed those pretzels : )

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