Bizzy Weekend

it was a busy,.full weekend. Friday I had a dinner that was very nice. Saturday was quite typical but I bought a new weed whacker to tame the yard enough to mow. It was a real jungle. Yesterday and a beach yoga morning followed by breakfast. Then I finished up the yardwork. Also I found some water damage 8n that apartment that I started to repair. I leak by the sliding glass door caused a couple pieces of rotten baseboard. I patched the leak (hopefully) and need to finish the baseboard. (Had a helluva time cutting the 45⁰ angles for a corner.) I have a tenant moving in tomorrow so I need to get this expedited today!

Last night I went out to a nice dinner.

And my American Football team lost. In overtime. Away.

And it’s a regular workday today.

Ciao! Have a great week!

One thought on “Bizzy Weekend

  1. Yes, you do sound busy. Leaks are no fun. Getting the early is the trick, isn’t it…. We just had a leak here, too, and are glad it’s fixed now. The area near our front door still needs to be painted inside, but we’re ready for the next rain. Happy Tuesday….

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