Big Time Cold

Howling Arctic breezes continue to blow across the Cayman Islands this morning as Florida issues frozen iguana shower warnings.

Had some wind damage when I got home from work yesterday. Out poinsetta ( a Christmas plant, which, as you know, only blooms in the harshest winter conditions) was blown over by the relentless frozen winds.

But I fixed it,

I’m pretty sure work’s gonna be cancelled today. Snow Day! Just waiting for the call.

Stay warm!

3 thoughts on “Big Time Cold

  1. Vicki and I are sitting in our condo in Melbourne Beach looking at the mad waves crashing off the beach. It was colder than I care to venture to in Florida and will ge glad when the Sun warms my butt up again. Hope all is well with you and your family and the Caymans. We may just take another Caribean Cruise sometime soon and if we do and Grand Cayman is on our itineary, I will be sure to give you a call. Take care.

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