Better Than Expected

The concrete pour came out better than I dared hope. 14.6 cubic yards of concrete, I learned yesterday that one of those cement mixer trucks on the road can only carry 9 cubic yards. Two truckloads of concrete poured under the house yesterday.

The guys worked really hard yesterday, till almost 7PM. I took ’em a case of beer when I got home at 5. I told ’em to drink it all and don’t leave any left over, which they did. Of course, as you know, I don’t drink.

Below is a video I made this morning of my first walk on the dried concrete. Pardon the audio, I sound like a mumbling sleepwalker, which I am. Pre-dog walk, pre coffee, pre shower.

Today they start the block walls, I’ve mentioned several times that maybe they could have it done by New Years, yesterday I changed it to Christmas and for the first time, they confirmed that this was a possibility. They originally estimated end of January 2020.

Things are looking good today. Hope they’re looking good for you too.

3 thoughts on “Better Than Expected

  1. Mark, we know you live in an elevated house common on an island. Wondering what purpose this space will offer and what would happen in case of storm flooding.
    Greetings to wife too.

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