Better Before They Start

Some movies are better before they start. Take, for example, Charlies Angels.

Before the opening credits, they nab a terrorist on a plane, jump put of the plane, and land in a speedboat. The rest of the movie is relatively bland after that. But the pre-beginning, I could watch over and over. It’s like a whole movie in under two minutes.

I like to watch that opening while I’m waiting for the wife to get ready.

Watched another last night, Baby Driver.

Before the opening credits, fantastic chase scene. I would have never chosen to watch a movie with the title “Baby Driver”, but someone told me it was pretty good, and it was. So was Charlies Angels, kinda.

Another one with an incredible opening bit is one of the Sharknado movies. I don’t know which one. I think it was the one in Las Vegas. I think I’ve seen two Sharknado movies, out of the about 20 that are out, and I don’t even know which two. I’m pretty sure it was the first one, and the one in (I think) Vegas.

Shark attacks in Las Vegas, right? From sharks that were in an aquarium!

I know, I know, dumb, right? But you gotta watch at least one Sharknado movie. So crazy and unbelievable that they’re super-fun to watch. You’ll laugh, and even in the middle of the continent, you might find yourself looking up to the sky in fear of shark attack.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Better Before They Start

  1. A group of us watch a sharknado movie on New Year’s Eve. It’s a fun night of drinking and hollering at the TV about all the dumb things going on.

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