Beaches Closed, Thanks Drunkards.

So, the beaches are now closed, hopefully only until the end of today (Easter Monday) but probably beyond, thanks specifically to about 40 people out having a drinking party (under the guise of exercise) on good Friday. Hope they all got arrested and get the maximum fine of $3000. That’s $120,000 to help the economy recover after this is all over.

There were other “gatherings” too, but these 40 were specifically mentioned during the press conference the closure was announced. Below is a newspaper clip:

Plus give them the max prison sentence for screwing it up for everyone. For the record, there are no “private” beaches in the Cayman Islands.

Instead of her beach walk this morning, my wife is taking a road walk. This upsets me. These drunks thought they could have a normal beach drinking party and if the police come, they could just say they were all there exercising.

I’m very angry about it.

4 thoughts on “Beaches Closed, Thanks Drunkards.

  1. I’m beyond angry about it! Like Sol, I was doing daily (solo) walks on the beach, both for my sanity and exercise/physio. I agree that they should each get $3000 and a year’s imprisonment. Plus, if anyone took pictures of them, they should be posted on social media for all to see who screwed it up for us!

  2. Our Republican Missouri governor has still not ordered a mandatory stay at home order. When I do go to the store about half the people are not wearing masks.

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