Beach Buggy Blitz, Great Game!


I downloaded the game, Beach Buggy Blitz, at the Amazon Store, (free, of course), because I saw on YouTube that I could program buttons on my keyboard to operate the controls.

This has turned out to be a really fun, well thought out, game.

You start with a dune buggy and thirty seconds and you take off down the beach, collecting coins, Avoid the crabs and seagulls, houses and palm trees, because hitting them slows you down. Hopefully you’ll make it to  another clock before you run out of time and can keep going.

Save coins and buy upgrades, new cars and more cool stuff.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”10655″]

Above is a crappy quality two minute video of me playing. The game’s over when you fail to make it to the next clock.

Very fun, very easy and challenging at the same time. Good graphics. My Wife says it’s the best  free game she’s ever seen. Check it out, Android and Apple.

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